Adele Wilde-Blavatsky is a scholar, writer and activist specialising in western and Buddhist philosophy,  gender, culture, religion, Tibet, Tibetan Buddhism and human rights. She has written Opinion pieces and poems that have been published in Phayul.com, The Huffington Post, Tibet Telegraph, Tibet Sun, Elephant Journal and The Feminist Wire.

She has an MA in Philosophy (King’s College, London) and is a qualified barrister.   She has worked as an analyst and strategist for a Big Five Consulting Firm and the BBC. During her time as a postgraduate student in London, she co-edited and contributed to a philosophy book Aesthetic Experience (Routledge, 2007) with Prof. Richard Shusterman. Since 2006,  after visiting India and coming into contact for the first time with Tibetan Buddhism, she progressed beyond her interest in western philosophy and has spent the last few years commuting between London, UK and India and Nepal to  study the Tibetan language and Buddhist Philosophy. Recently, as result of her increasing interest in Tibet, she worked for Free Tibet, an NGO in London and afterwards, for the Tibet-led and staffed NGO, Tibetan Centre of Human Rights and Democracy in Dharamsala, India. She wrote a damning expose of Free Tibet’s working culture in 2012.

She currently combines motherhood, postgraduate research, writing, translating and teaching in Europe.


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