Conflict at US-Tibetan Exile Event Symptom of Widening Rift

”Although, at one level, such conflict might be seen as political, at another level, it is symptomatic of an underlying tension between the exile ‘educated’ youth and an older generation of Tibetans. Particularly those who have settled in North America. Scholar, Tsering Shakya recently wrote about this generation gap in ‘Twice Removed’ .

In addition, for the last thirty years or so, much of American academia, in order to address gross racial inequalities, has fallen at the mercy of a politically correct, Left-wing ideology that divides people in the name of post-colonialism and cultural relativism. As a result, the US-based Tibet movement now number among them advocates of a particular pseudo-intellectual, Occidentalist, hyper-nationalist brand of identity politics. Often claiming to understand and speak on behalf of Tibetans in Tibet (even if they have never been there) and indirectly suggesting that Tibetans in Tibet disagree with the Middle Way policy of the Dalai Lama and their elected leaders. It is ironic that some of the Tibetan activists shouting loudest about human eights and freedom of expression have deleted comments on social media or responded with sexism and outright abuse when people disagreed with them. So much for freedom of speech……..

Disagreement neither justifies censoring anyone’s freedom of speech nor defamation and slander. But it is also freedom of speech to express one’s wish not to be associated with people who have a different ideology. Just as a woman of colour cannot claim to speak on behalf of all women of colour, not all black people agreed with or supported Malcolm X, and it was their human right to distance themselves from those who did. For the majority of Tibetan exiles, there is no doubt that the Dalai Lama’s view on this issue is the wisest one, far more so than that of any well-meaning US college student or aspiring intellectual.”



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