London University bans homophobic and misogynist preacher: a sane decision in an insane world

This is the type of person some Left-wing liberals want to ‘protect’ in the name of multi-culturalism and freedom of speech. No thanks. Your hateful, patriarchal views are not welcome here and not harmonious with humane, democratic, secular values. When will they start banning people from spreading misogynist and patriarchal ideologies too?


”A preacher has been banned from a London university after likening being gay to having a “disease”.

Imran ibn Mansur, 24, also known as the self-styled Dawah Man who helps people be spiritual “superheroes”, was today banned from appearing at the University of East London.

He has blamed “filthy Western culture” for impulses which should be “supressed” and claimed that homosexuality comes “under the category of ‘obscene, filthy, shameless’.”

The university also banned this week’s event, advertised on Facebook by its Islamic Society, over fears — denied by organisers — that gender segregation could be enforced, after “brothers” and “sisters” were given separate contact points for tickets. It comes six months after another Islamic Society event was banned after being advertised as a “segregated event”.

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Considering what’s going on over at Ferguson, USA I don’t see many UK Muslims or people of colour or even male homosexuals rioting and publicly protesting about these ‘terrifying’ people. Is it because we’re too liberal and soft on such extremism? Is it because people are afraid of being called Islamaphobic or racist? I suspect both.


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