Trying to get back to nature……

wage slaveAs my son ran outside this morning to play in the nearby fields with the Indian children next door and fresh organic milk delivered to my door, I knew it would be difficult to get such a life for a child living in a town or city. The ‘modern’ emphasis on material growth, education for knowledge and career only, the obsessive consumerism made me feel nauseous and claustrophobic when I was in Europe. Never have I felt so disconnected. On the other hand, many people feel trapped by it too. With wages going down and prices going up, many are literally living hand to mouth to pay the rent and survive. I love Europe especially the gender equality there and the high standards of living and education. And there is no denying that law and order, human rights, health facilities and economic opportunities are much better there too, but the economic system of neo liberal capitalism is making wage slaves of us all. I realised although money and education are important for freedom and opportunity, there is a balance to be had and simplicity is the key. Eating local food, consuming only what one needs, having few possessions, a happy and loving heart, play, joy, closeness to nature and creativity, learning for inner development, to be able to gaze at the clear night sky, these are things that cannot be bought but are priceless. They keep us in touch with our fundamental Buddha nature.


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