Modi stands up to China on Tibet…….but for the wrong reasons.

When will we ever learn that a planet run by greedy, patriarchal men in suits spells disaster for everyone?

Great to hear Modi standing up to the Chinese leader on Tibet but for the wrong reasons. Not because he’s concerned about human rights or the illegal colonisation of TIbet but because China is trying to claim territorial rights over Arunachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir.

“India, earlier, routinely recognised Tibet Autonomous Region as an integral part of China in all the joint declarations and bilateral documents. It also remained committed to “One-China policy”, thus consistently denying recognition to the existence of Republic of China or Taiwan. New Delhi, however, has been keeping both the references out of all bilateral diplomatic texts since 2010, in response to China’s policy of issuing “stapled visas”.

Modi also turned down Xi’s request to restrict the activities of the Dalai Lama, whose advice to China to learn from India’s democracy was aired by TV channels.”


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