The bourgeois self-promotion and narcissism of the Tibet movement….

‘Again, all activism has become abstract, ideological and fetishist activity. Fetishism in the sense that the practices, activism has remained largely based on primarily misrecognition of the chief cause of oppression, and working of global capitalism, in which the society relation is organized by the relation between the things, in which society effectivity of abstract values rule the social-symbolic world. What had resulted at this point is although good intended, yet ineffective and repetitious, over-determination of stresses over non-violence, over-westerners interference and dependency of struggle over bourgeois supports which held the activism as special places of bourgeois lifestyle.The true point is that, activism had made the Cause a celebrity cause, reign of expert Knowledge (i.e. non Tibetan mostly) who sensationalized, fetishizes and eventual disavowal of Cause. These so called progressive intellectual, bourgeois activism (with comfort activism),Buddhist followers of Tibetan lamas in the west, and many Tibetan leaders and activists who are well established in their adopted countries, in order to score their small narcissistic point, negate the demand of sacrifice and totally ignore the suffering there.These made things more difficult as except six self-immolations in exile, rest 130 occurred in Tibet.’ Sonam Tobgyal


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