Writing for ‘respect’….

Someone suggested that I would get more respect for my views if I published a book. As if being published somehow means one has something worthy to say. Academia and journalism is full of meaningless, mediocre writing. I told them, I don’t write for respect, for money, for career, for status, for popularity, for a small clique etc. I write to change minds, to challenge, to express. The minute a person starts thinking about their audience is the minute they fail as a writer and thinker. What does ‘respect’ mean in any case? There will always be people who ‘respect’ and do ‘not respect’ what one says or writes. Who cares?


One thought on “Writing for ‘respect’….

  1. Well, one might do it,. when the respect is in its least form is to pay heed to what the person is saying, or else if every one is not going to read it at all, or ponder over the points; What is writing for. The respect doesn’t come from bowing your head or asking autograph from the writer but to comprehend, may be apprehensive of it however never to remain indifferent.


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